2010 McKnight Visiting Composer Program for “The Minnesota Woman” project

American Composers Forum - McKnight Foundation

2010 Jerry Goldsmith Award Nomination “Reclaiming the Blade” - Documentary score

Ubeda International Film Music Festival, Ubeda Spain

2008  Gold Medal For Artistic Excellence for “Man VS. Woman” - Short Film Score

Park City Film Music Festival, Park City, UT

2008  Bronze Medal For Excellence for “Tales From Beyond” - Original Film Score

Park City Film Music Festival, Park City, UT

2007  Winner of the Reel Music 2 Competition for “The Shiek” - Silent Film Clip Score

Victory Symphony, Victoria, BC, Canada



2004  AMPIA Award Nomination for “Armored Fury” - Best Original Score - Dramatic

AMPIA Awards, Edmonton, AB, Canada



2004  ASCAP Foundation Award - Henry Mancini Institute Scholarship               

ASCAP Foundation, Los Angeles, CA


2003  Harry Warren Award - Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

1999 Betty Mitchell Award Nomination “Dangerous Obsession” Outstanding Soundscape

Betty Mitchell Theatre Awards, Calgary, AB, Canada


2016  Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket                   

Angelina Pictures

Paul Serafini, Kim Dawson, Amy Baker, Michael Finn, Bailee Madison, Jason Pinardo, prods.

Paul Serafini, dir.

2009  Reclaiming the Blade (documentary)                  

Galatia Films

Erica Black, prod.

Daniel McNicoll, dir.

2007  Small Town Folk                                         

Gumboot Pictures

Chris R. Wright, Chris Musselwhite, Natalie Conway, Peter Stanley-Ward, prods.                              

Peter Stanley-Ward, dir.

2006  Haunting Villisca

Aries Works Entertainment

Kimberly Busbee, prod.                                                 

James Serpento, dir.


2006  The Little Documentary that Couldn’t                                 

Gestation Entertainment 

Ken Saba, prod.                        

Matt Lambro, Richard Hartman, dirs.


2004  Tales From Beyond                                   

Central Film Group                                        

Josh Austin, Eric Manning, Nate Barlow, Russell Scott, prods./ dirs.

2003  Armored Fury

Dream Forge Productions                                        

Chris Manyluk, Kristine Wry, prods./ dirs., Brett Manyluk, dir.


                                       MUSIC SCORE PROGRAMMER, ASSISTANT TO COMPOSER

2015  Sex or Breakfast (comedy web series) *co-composer       

Ros Walker, prod., John Paul Fischbach, dir.

2013  24 Peaces (documentary) (Donna Sheehan/Paul Reffell Interview) *additional composer

Production Companies: Antic Pictures, 24 Peaces

Anna Herbert, senior prod., Michelle Andrada, Jennifer Young, prods.

Ron Judkins, dir.

2011  Silent Witness (TV movie) *music score programmer           


Lizzie Friedman, Greg Little, Howard Braunstein, exec. prods.

Peter Markle, dir.

2011  Fresh Cut HD Video Communications (composed & produced 11 music tracks) *composer          

Doug Hodgson, Marc McPherson, prods./dirs.

2011  Tall Ships “The Privateer Lynx” (documentary) *composer         

Mi Casa Multimedia

Dan Kavanaugh, Robert Margouleff, Dana Sol, prods.

Robert Margouleff, dir.

2010  Mastering Diabolo (Instructional DVD) *composer                                         

Jester Games

James DeOliveira, prod./dir.

2009  Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller (series) Season 2, 8 episodes  *composer       

Litton Entertainment

Frank C.S. Jannuzzi, prod., Dave Morgan, exec. prod.

2008  The Tenth Circle (TV movie) *orchestrator/music score programmer           

Lifetime Television

Michael Mahoney, Michael Jaffe, Scott Goldman, Stephen Furst, prods.

Peter Markle, dir.

2008  Eden at the End of the World (documentary) *additional composer

National Geographic Special

Keenan Smart, John B. Bredar, Doug Bertran, prods.

Doug Bertran, dir.



2006  In 3 Tagen Bist Du Tot! (feature) *music arranger

Allegro Film

Thomas Baum, Andreas Prochaska, prods.  

Andreas Prochaska, dir.


2006  Flight 93 (TV movie) *music score programmer           


Clara George, David Gerber, Delia Fine, David Craig, prods.

Peter Markle, dir.                                                


2005  Faith of my Fathers (TV movie) *additional music/music score programmer

A&E Channel

Alan Barnette, Delia Fine, Michael Jaffe, Tom Thayer, prods.

Peter Markle, dir.                                                                 


2005  Supernatural (series) *additional music/music assistant 

Warner Bros.     

Eric Kripke, Robert Singer, exec. prods.

2005  Charmed (series) *assistant to composer

Warner Bros.     

Brad Kern, E. Duke Vincent, Aaron Spelling, Constance M. Burge, exec. prods.

2005  Wildfire (series) *assistant to composer 

ABC Family    

Marjorie David, Michael Piller, exec. prods.                           

2004-05  Star Trek Enterprise (series) *music score programmer/orchestrator


Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, exec. prods.


2012  Shenanigans                                        

Walking in Traffic Films

A Cut Floor Production

Kreg Gilson, dir.

2011  Shoelace                                         

Walker Films

Rosalyn Walker, prod.

John Paul Fischbach, dir.

2010  A Timeless Journey                                         

Naval Research Laboratories

David Bellino, dir.

2010  Overlap

Evoke Entertainment

Joe Dietrich, prod.                                          

Kevin Dietrich, dir.

2010  Dated                                         

uNeek Productions

Rhys Ryan, prod.

Jonathan Levit, dir.

2006  Man vs. Woman                                         

JCVS Films

Juan Carlos Vargas, prod./dir.

2006  Little Girl Blue: What’s Become of You              

Central Film Group   

Josh Austin, prod./dir.                                 


2005  Heads Up                                                   

Fenton Arts Films

Ryan Fenton-Strauss, prod./dir.

2003  The Extra Mile                                       

Solarwind Productions

David James Nielsen, prod./dir.

2002  The Big Table

Telefilm Canada

Larissa Banting, prod.                                                           

Alexandra Zarowny, dir.


2002  Young Rocket Samurai                                           

AFA/CSIF/Sci-Fi Channel

Jon Joffe, prod./dir.


2000  The Watcher                                               


Tom Andriuk, prod.                                                                      

David James Nielsen, Marc McPherson, dirs.

1999  The Scientific Method                                            


Tom Andriuk, prod.

Tinu Sinha, dir.                                                     



1998  Shadow of Light                                                            


Tom Andriuk, Rae Staeseson, prods.                                                                  

David James Nielsen, Marc McPherson, dirs.

1997  Permanent Stain                         


Tom Andriuk, Rae Staeseson, prods.

Matt Embry, dir.


2011  Prodigy Asset Management                         

Smokey Mirrors Media

2009  Park Grill Steakhouse                         

S.D. Professionals LLC

Jacob Timmons, dir.

2009  Life Change Tea                       

Brian Owens Media

Brian Owens, dir.


2007  Faust (Co-Composer)                     

Cal-State Los Angeles

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, writer

Theresa Larkin, dir.

2004  Sleuth                                            

Vertigo Mystery Theater

Anthony Shaffer, writer

Margaret Bard, dir.

2003  The Mystery of Irma Vep                         

Vertigo Mystery Theater

Charles Ludlam, writer

John Paul Fischbach, dir.

2003  Chimneys                       

Vertigo Mystery Theater

Agatha Christie, writer

John Paul Fischbach, dir.

2002  Tongue of a Bird                     

Pleiades Theatre

Ellen McLaughlin, writer

John Paul Fischbach, dir.

2002  Laura                                    

Pleiades Theater

Vera Caspary & George Sklar, writers

Mark Bellamy, dir.

2002  The Mousetrap                                    

Pleiades Theater

Agatha Christie, writer

Mark Bellamy, dir.

2001  The Farndale Avenue House Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of a Christmas Carol                                     

Pleiades Theater

David McGillvray & Walter Zerlin Jr., writers

Mark Bellamy, dir.

2001  Funeral Ladies       

Pleiades Theater

Mariette Sluyter & MJ McCann, writers

John Paul Fischbach, dir.

2000  Wuthering Heights          

Pleiades Theater

Randolph Carter, writer

John Paul Fischbach, dir.

2000  Misery                 

Pleiades Theater

Stephen King/Simon Moore

John Paul Fischbach, dir.

2000  Turn of the Screw         

Pleiades Theater

Jeffrey Hatcher, writer

John Paul Fischbach, dir.

1999  Love from a Stranger          

Pleiades Theater

Agatha Christie, writer

Rebecca Northan, dir.

1999  Blithe Spirit                 

Pleiades Theater

Noel Coward, writer

Christopher Hunt, dir.

1999  Communicating Doors                   

Pleiades Theater

Alan Ayckbourn, writer

John Paul Fischbach, dir.

1999  Beautiful Lake Winnipeg                   

Pleiades Theater

Maureen Hunter, writer

John Paul Fischbach, dir.

1998  Sherlock’s Veiled Secret                   

Pleiades Theater

K.C. Brown, writer

John Paul Fischbach, dir.

1998  Dangerous Obsession        


Pleiades Theater

NJ Crisp, writer

John Paul Fischbach, dir.


2015  Unfolding


2013  What Kind Of Garden Do You Want To Grow?

Piano and Alto Saxophone

2011  The Minnesota Woman

Orchestra with Native American hand drums, in 3 mvts.

2009  Spirit of the Stallions

Woodwind Ensemble

2006  The Journey Begins


2006  A Land Like No Other


2004  Jazz Ride

Orchestra and Jazz Band for the Henry Mancini Institute

2001  Aphrodite


2000  The Lions Reign

Percussion Ensemble in 3 movements

2000  Climbing Mystic Mountain

Symphonic Band

1999  Reflections

Brass Quintet (2 trpts, f. horn, t.trombone, tuba)

1999  Piano and Oboe Duet

1999  Piano Trio No. 2

Piano, Violin, Cello

1999  Piano Trio No. 1

Piano Violin, Cello

1998  The Pensive Bassoon

Bassoon Solo      

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